July Membership Newsletter

New Resources: Amateurism and Recruiting

Based on input from membership, the Eligibility Center continually evaluates, updates and adds to our resources. These PDF documents provide an easy-to-share and understand format on the topics and are excellent reference points for both domestic and international student-athletes. Available via the amateurism homepage on ncaa.org, final version will be live by end of day Friday, July 26th. An announcement will also be made via the portal.

As noted in last month's edition of the Member Newsletter, three new resources in the amateurism space are being released this month:

Amateurism One-page Flyers

Initial-eligibility requirements for each student-athlete include a final amateurism certification. While most student-athletes complete the amateurism certification process without any additional requirements, many are confused by the overall process. Three new one-page flyers address general and sport-specific questions related to the amateurism certification process. These three resources are:

Recruiting/Scouting Services 
One-page Flyer

For students who utilize a recruiting or scouting service, this one-page flyer outlines the responsibilities and requirements of these services. Designed to address questions from the services' perspective, Tips for Recruiting/Scouting Services provides detailed insight on the operations, requirements and regulations by which recruiting and scouting services are required to abide.

Updated Initial-Eligibility Waiver and PSA Review Documents Available

The initial-eligibility waiver and PSA review documents have been updated for the 2019-2020 season. Available on the Membership Portal in the Initial-Eligibility Waivers and PSA Reviews sections, all of the documents have been modified to reflect current policy.
IEW on Membership Portal
‚ÄčPlease note: If you have a link saved for any of the IEW or PSA review documents, please replace your old link with the new link. The new links will not expire and do not need to be replaced annually.

Submitting Student Inquiries

Inquiries regarding student accounts should be referred to customer service by phone or email. Sending questions to ec-processing@ncaa.org will delay your response. Please call customer service at 877-544-2950 or email your domestic or Canadian questions to ecinfo@ncaa.org or international questions to ec-international@ncaa.org.
Are your PSAs ready? art

We have a number of student-athletes on 1920 IRLs who have yet to request their final amateurism certification. Help ensure your recruits who are arriving on campus full time this fall are ready to play when they hit campus by reminding them to complete this critical step in their certification!

Share this easy step-by-step guide for requesting amateurism certification with your recruits. We appreciate your collaborative effort!

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